Sharing my story about my first time using the framework spark

You will probably hear about Apache Spark if you have to work with the so called Big Data, but how much of data is it reasonable to migrate from to well known pandas to Spark ? Should I choose Spark or Hadoop ?

The main goal of Spark is to process a huge amount of data ( I would say from 10GB to 1TB ), and it does it very well, because spark uses the RDDs or Resilient Distributed Datasets, that basically just reads the script but not execute it untill you use an action command. …

What you need to know before you get a new job

Everybody wants to earn more and have a good job where it sounds like a hobby. Many people like me, search on google or wahtsoever the searcher website, the best place to work at, or the best place to have a higher salary. And, what if this place is your home ?

I worked in the dataset Stack Overflow’s 2017 Developer Survey, it has 19102 lines and 154 columns with lots of questions answered by programmers or people who work with technology, and I filtered some of the columns to answer some questions andbrought the results here.

Dener Moreira

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